We are a growing & energetic Finnish-Polish web design company based in Wroclaw.


A graphic designer from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and a web programmer from the University of Aalto in Helsinki decided to start working together. And focus on what they like most: creating clear, sparkling websites, unraveling the secrets of and tricks of social media and making their way in fast-changing digital world. Mustikka Web Design is a place where Finnish IT knowledge and talent meets with Polish creativity. We help you enhance your presence and search results on Google Maps – we offer 360 virtual tours, shot by Trusted Google Photographers and then embedded to your site and directly to Google Maps Street View.

What makes our company outstanding? The personal approach towards each of our projects, from personal websites, business sites to advanced webshops. We go the extra mile for each of our customers to make sure that the whole process is being fully covered, from the first draft of the design to the launching and administrating the creative website. Do not hesitate to contact us. We do answer.


Does your company require an online solution, that would answer your needs related to booking system, order management, hotel occupancy or sales force management?

If so, it’s a good spot! We specialize above all in elegant CRMs, synchronized with Google Maps. We will rocket your business, save your costs and provide you with a dedicated software solution, adapted to the specs and needs of your company.

I check!

Web design? User friendly? Mobile oriented? Not dull? Impossible? Well…

Is it a corporate webpage, personal portfolio or online shop, the user experience is the must-be. Fresh design, functionality and a spark of joy matters the most! Recently we have worked for webpages for Software Houses  and it was a pleasure to amaze our Clients with a new approach towards IT web design.

Portfolio? Yes!


Social media ninja needed?

Engagement rate is invisible? Targeting doesn’t work? Your Facebook Ads just do not sell? If you need to improve the visibility and communication of your company in social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others – we offer monthly plans for your business fanpage with reasonable prices, strategy and campaign planning!.

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Google me Map!

Enhance your presence on Google Maps and let your clients find you easily. Invite them on panoramic virtual tour, which will be shot by one of Trusted Google Photographers, and then embedded on your website and directly into Google Maps Street View.  Boost your search results and let us create a profile of your company in Google My Business.

We also offer services of moderation of  360 virtual tours / preparation for QC pass  for Trusted Agencies and Trusted Google Photographers. 

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Last but not least!

mustikka web copywriting

Copywriting and Translations (FI, EN, SPA, PL)


Visual Identification & Print

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Public Relations